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Protect Your Privacy

In 2013, the County Clerk’s office released an extensive list and map of all registered gun owners across Westchester County to Journal News, who then published it online. This enabled just about any criminal or nosy individual to identify where law abiding citizens kept their arms. The map-list has since been taken down but residents have not forgotten. This is inappropriate. As County Clerk, I pledge to protect the privacy of our residents. I WILL NOT release your personal information for the sake of political gain.

Make the Filing and Paperwork Process More Efficient

The County Clerk’s office has developed a reputation of not answering to its constituents in a timely manner. With a budget as large as theirs, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I plan on using my experience as a businessman to improve the operations of the Clerk’s Office. This involves a reduction in my own salary. I plan on having a staff that can work with me, and can work with you. No longer will you have to wait frustratingly for the information you need.

Revamp the PREP System

The PREP System is the database system used by lawyers and realtors to search land records, mortgages and other important public records online. The system itself is dated, and not suitable for the modern standards of desktop and mobile browsing. I plan on taking on an initiative to improve this system with modern software practices and responsive interfaces, making it easier for YOU to find the information you need right away. This will save you time, and make research on investment in Westchester easier to accomplish.

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