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As a Business and Civic leader, I have seen firsthand the impact of fees, restrictions and policy decisions by the Westchester County Clerk. I was disappointed by the Clerk’s office pandering to the demands of interest groups at the expense of the privacy of our citizens.  The release of the individual names and addresses of licensed gun permit holders in Westchester County exposed police officers and other public safety officials, as well as veterans, and victims of domestic violence. The interference with a protected constitutional right by this County Clerk for a personal agenda must end.

I intend to restore proper protocols to the gun permit process in Westchester County, I will ensure that every applicant is reminded to sign the “opt out” form, which will be on page one of the application, and each application will include the opt out form as a standard component, rather than a choice thus protecting their privacy.

I have heard of the burdens created by the increased workload on the county’s legal community and private citizens who have no choice but to rely upon the services of the County Clerk. The implementation of the Property Records Electronic Portal; also known as the “PREP” system, by the current Clerk was a classic “work shift” from the public sector to the private sector, and conveniently the workload eased in the clerk’s office. He implemented this PREP system pushing this clerical data collection work onto the lawyers increasing the costs of real estate closing.

Additionally, the implementation of cost savings and digital access must be utilized. Instead of implementing ever increasing fees and charges for access to what are supposed to be public records available to the public, investigate streaming paperwork from Courts, from land records and from other agencies, and provide digital access to copies of documents to our residents.

Within the first 100 days of taking office, I would meet with all department heads to see what can be done to save money through streamlining efficiency. As always, we will look to the future to innovate and keep the County Clerk’s office up to date with the newest technology available to better serve the taxpayers of Westchester. We are looking forward to being able to tap into the many resources that our own County Executive has introduced to Westchester in the form of innovative, cost saving technology.

I hope to meet as many constituents as I can from now through election day and look forward to listening to all your concerns about the County Clerk’s office. It would be my absolute pleasure to start working for you as your next Westchester County Clerk.


Your Friend,

Jim Chisholm


P.S. If you want to take a further look at my qualifications for the job please click the link below to see my resume,


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