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“With my experience and skills as a local business professional, I promise to restore integrity to the Westchester County Clerk’s Office. This includes bringing a higher standard of efficiency and transparency to the job.”

Who is Jim Chisholm?

  • Lifelong Westchester County resident
  • Proven business and civic leader
  • Dedicated husband, father, and grandfather
  • Sports and outdoor enthusiast
  • Animal lover

What is his background?

Chisholm has served as a successful businessman, and has volunteered his time to many local community organizations over the last 40 years. He currently serves as the Commissioner to the NYS Parks and Recs Board, Chairman of Westchester County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Board, and Chairman of Westchester County Playland Citizens Advisory Board. He has served as the Economic Development Director to the 40th District of the New York State Senate. He was a Board Member at St. Agnes Hospital and served as the Chairman to the Bedford Drug Abuse Council. As well as President of the Somers Chamber of Commerce, Somers Lions Club and Eastchester Rotary Club. Additionally, he was on the American Youth Soccer Board and was a baseball, softball and soccer coach for youth teams.  He is also a fourth-degree member of the Knights of Columbus.

Why is he running?

Jim has heard the frustrations of people dealing with the County Clerk’s Office. Regarding everything from licensing issues, to mortgage issues and Supreme Court Issues. Constituents weren’t being answered in a timely professional manner; which is a major reason why he is seeking this office.

Jim believes he can bring a unique business perspective to the County Clerk’s Office. He thinks that this office should operate in a timelier manner, incorporating his experiences in business and bringing fresh new ideas to this elected office.

What does the Westchester County Clerk do?

There are four main division in the County Clerk’s Office: Land Records, Legal Division, Administration and Licensing. Jim would oversee each of these divisions and ensure that they are operating efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • Land Records files maps and tax liens, and processes NYS mortgage taxes
  • Legal Division is the clerk of the Supreme and County Courts and serves to accept and maintain court filings
  • Licensing accepts US Passport applications, maintains and rectifies pistol licenses, and administers the Oath of Allegiance to newly naturalized citizens
  • Administration oversees Finance, IT, Project Management, and Personnel

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